Potrero War 2017

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It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. I do apologize.

I’ve been hugely busy with my dissertation. The good news is I have submitted my proposal for preliminary feedback and have received half of that feedback.  I need to make some edits, then it gets submitted for IRB and RRB review, oral defense, then off to the races with experimenting!  If you’re interested in my dissertation stuff (which has to do with using traditional role playing games for training critical thinking skills), feel free to e-mail me and I’ll happily talk your ear off about it.

Potrero War was this past weekend and it was pretty fantastic!  I spent most of the war volunteering…which ended up being a bit of a mistake for me, healthwise, but c’est la vie! I started by presenting a class on Roman hygiene and perfumes, then started working at Base Camp, Base Camp HQ, and Gate in over-night shifts.  I do love over-night shifts! I decided to run a second iteration of my class, too, because there were people who had wanted to come, but couldn’t. It was great and I made sure to give the Queen her own custom perfume (for which she swooned).

The documentation for this class and the one I taught at Great Western War are now available for download here.  Enjoy them and if you end up making any of the perfumes, do let me know!

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