Irish Fair Recap

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The Long Beach Irish Fair and Music Festival was fun.  It was not as well-executed this year, likely due to the death of the previous organizer who wasn’t known for his delegation.  There were some other issues, as well, but the most significant for us and the other re-enactment groups was that of the Fire Marshal disallowing camp fires.  There was nothing for us to really demo, after that, except for armored combat (which we did on Saturday).  The weather this year was amazing! Last year, it was about 108-F both days; this year, it was a cool 70s-F.  Light rain in the mornings and a strong breeze during the day made it just lovely weather.

For those who are coming to this site from the perfumery demos and discussions, welcome!  I hope you find interesting things in this blog.  Pardon the store, at the moment; I have not taken pictures of everything, yet, which makes it difficult to list items for sale. If, however, you’d like to order a custom perfume, please e-mail me at and let’s discuss what you’d like. 🙂

On a personal note: I did do a bone-head thing and trip over a lash line on my tent on Sunday evening as I was preparing to break down camp.  I landed squarely on my knees and hands/wrists and it seems my left knee took most of the impact.  Keeping an eye on things, but it’s possible I may have a stress fracture in my knee cap.  We’ll see how things progress over the next few days.

Over all, the weekend was fantastic!  My next scheduled event is Lyondemere Anniversary on July 8!  Hope to see you there!

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