Crash, Burn, & Rise from the Ashes

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I had a good many blog entries going. A fair few hours were spent typing each entry, recipe, results update, etc. I had the brilliant idea to convert the site to a standard site; and that went very, very badly. So badly that I lost all of the posts I had made from August til now.

There were tears! There were wailings! There were gnashings of teeth!

…and now there’s this website.

I’m still working on it, quite obviously, but what was once just a blog, is now a blog and online store. Please bear with me as I slowly put up product pictures. I have to find all my gizmos I had on the blog site so that I can integrate them into this one, plus design a logo, plus do art work for the banners, plus do blog updates, plus research recipes, and and and and…. PLUS! Work on my dissertation.

For the past two weeks, I had been spending 2-4 hours, Monday through Friday, doing general transcription for a company that shall remain unnamed. If you really want the details, I posted the email exchange with them on my personal Facebook profile. Long story short, they’re violating a number of Labor Laws and I was tired of being bullied (it only took once), so I quit. But, that knocks out my income. For those who know me and follow me on other social media sites (like Instagram and deviantArt), you know that I’ve been doing a lot of art for a long time. It’s time I sell my art. And my sciences. I’m doing this stuff, anyway, and I enjoy doing it–plus, it’s good for me to do to relax from the stress of the dissertation phases.

This site is dedicated to the period re-enactors. The ones who camp out in wool July 1-3 in Gettysburg, PA (you insane people!) for Civil War re-enactments; for the ones who camp out without electricity, preferring a simpler time from the Renaissance and Medieval periods; for those who just really like simplistic face care that will actually improve their skin because it’s based on science and history. This site will offer blog posts promoting new products, but also blog posts about different recipes for skin care, or historical documentation for art pieces, or even brief histories on calligraphy or some other aspect of history.

If there’s something you’d like to see featured, please contact me! If there’s a product you want that I don’t currently have listed, talk to me and I’ll see what I can do! In the meantime, please sit back and enjoy the site as I try to get my previous blog posts back up and running; and browse the shop! Even though there aren’t pictures, yet, there’s still stuff there to look at! I’m still trying to figure out the gift certificates, so don’t buy those just yet. 😉

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