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I’ve been working on a bunch of things. Today, Geiri and I created a Thing for our cats.

Nekko was really excited about his new Thing.
Nekko was really excited about his new Thing.

Nekko (pictured) is about 13 years old. When he falls asleep, he tends to sort of roll to the side. In this case, he rolls to the side away from the window which causes him to crash into the food and water dish below (not in the picture). I suggested building a shelf at the window ledge to keep him from falling, and Geiri came up with this brilliant design.

It has a nice, flat surface above the portable dishwasher (which will be covered in carpet), a nice shelf at the ledge (which I will likely make a cushion for), and a pole across the top (from which to hang dangly bits for them to play with). The two side pieces will be covered with rope and/or carpet for them to scratch at, and we’re going to make a step stool type thing to act as a shelf and cover for the food and Drinkwell-360 that sit below the new window shelf.

We had just put the dishwasher in place and took a step back to admire. I got out my phone and before I could unlock the screen, Nekko was up on the window sill, exploring. I snapped the picture, then said, “Nekko, do you like it?” I was met with a happy sounding meow, so I took it as a win.

After that, I sat down and began working on this site. I really want to have it up and fully functional by the end of next week. Geiri and I will be at Great Western War October 4-10; I’ll be teaching a Medieval Skin Care Class on October 6 (Thursday) at 2pm, and October 7 (Friday) at 1pm. If you’re going to the War, do come and check it out! Space is limited, and the cost is $5 (because I couldn’t go less).

…which brings me back to the website…

You’ll see that things are slowly changing in appearance. I have a logo now! I kinda like it, though I’m sure it will go through some changes as I continue on with things. I also have a bunch of social media links at the bottom of the page! These are all links for this site’s social media! There’s a YouTube Channel, which I fully intend to actually use for make up tutorials, skin care tutorials, mini-history lessons, and even live streaming. Be patient with me; I’m still learning YouTube. There’s a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a Google+ page (which I really need help to learn how to use), and an RSS feed! Please feel free to follow any and all of those! Geiri and I will work on using them, as time goes by.

What do you think of the logo? Do you have a better idea for it? Let me know in the comments!

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